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‘Tis not uncommon to see a first-time blogger introduces themselves when they appear for their debuts in the blog world. Those newbies’ ice-breaking modus operandi is usually limited to giving out the staple statistics--their names, ages, geographical locations, relationship statuses, physical attributes, et cetera. Fairly standard and predictable, I daresay. Boring.

However, I don’t mind boring. So, being boring is what I shall be this time.

So, what am I like? Exactly two and half decades old, a little over five feet high, and roly-poly is what I am physically. As for the mental and emotional aspects, I’m just like any other girl you know (I guess). So, that’s me.

Now, about my blog.

The blog title, Soliloki, means soliloquy in Malay. On the words of an online dictionary,

The speech in which a character reveals his thoughts to the audience but not to other characters in the play.

This space is intended as a vent for the quick, impulsive and not so impulsive self-conversations (i.e. thoughts) which, after finding their way in, grow roots and evolve into something massive enough for me to notice their existence in my already jammed mess of a brain.

I welcome you to read and enjoy this, but please remember, I’m in no way liable for the consequences and would like to flatly express that I don’t pay for either damaged computer devices or muddled brains.

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30 May 2010 at 2:37 PM

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