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Here for Good

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[Photo: Mahalo Ukulele]

I knew the ukulele I bought back in July would turn out to be this way: Another fickle fixation of mine. It’s just like most of my past leisure pursuits that first started out with a lot of gusto and eventually lost their charm before they even had a good go at developing into something more constant. Before the uke, my previous blogs were victims of my fickle-ness, too. And in fact, I just dumped one of the old blogs today (oh dear Lord, didn’t it feel so liberating).

Well, talking about my blog (this particular one, of course), I’d not say that I’m giving Soliloki the boot too nor do I have any intention to do so (I’ll still keep in touch with my virtual journal of course, although, this is certainly not the fresh-post-daily kind of blog I intended to start off as in the first place). Actually, it was the hunch I sensed from the very beginning, that I felt this project was fated to be a victim of my own negligence and letdown. Even so, I carried on this mission with such eagerness and in good spirits that I declared to religiously post a new blog every single day, just to satisfy my jumbo appetite for sharing my thoughts with the masses. Too bad the buzz of blogging has rapidly diminished over time. Regretfully though, I owe a big part of this dwindling enthusiasm to my everlasting devotion to idleness and the critical deficiency of appealing--even remotely so--happenings in my life, and so has made me feel that thinking and writing about my life affair is such a massive taxing effort (albeit only writing about my thoughts). Besides, it’s not like I’ve any worth-writing topics to tell about, anyway.

Regardless of everything though, I do believe every cloud has a silver lining. So I’ve chosen to cash in on this episode for what it’s worth, because I know this event opens up a window to add a new post to Soliloki and generate interesting ideas for the following posts. I may well not be the shiniest penny in the moneybox but that does not mean I’m so dim-witted that I cannot recognize this opportunity. Anyhow, as usual, I’ll be sleeping through winter (so to say) for at least a few weeks before re-appearing on Soliloki along with some interesting posts I hope to dig up here and there.

Editorial side note: Uh-oh. I just realized that I’ve just maneouvred myself into doing easier-said-than-done task by stating that the subsequent posts would be interesting. Hm, maybe the silver lining of the cloud is not that silvery after all. Or perhaps, I’m kind of daft. Oh, well.

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26 October 2010 at 10:25 PM

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The Freudian Quiz

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I’ve just completed an online personality test a few minutes ago. The verdict: Troubled is what I am. That quiz surmised that yet-to-be-proven fact about myself after I completed one graphical question by selecting an image from a collection of colourful pictures that appealed to me the most. And just by executing that single simple step, I’d know the supposedly real story about my ‘true inner self’. How quaintly ironic. You cannot get anymore Freudian than that.

I’ve had my fair share of participation in this sort of online quizzes back in the time when I believed online-quizzes should have been a part of the Seven World Wonders (ha, go figure). Well, time has changed,and thankfully, so have I. So, at the present time, all these mass-produced generic whatchamacallits we see on the Net don’t hold any appeal to me any longer.

Somehow though, today the online test has successfully lured me into doing a Q & A session after many years of online quiz abstinence. Gotta give it to whomever-the-quiz-creator-is for the great-but-not-so Marketing approach *applause*. Generally, online quizzes get my full blast attention by first telling me about all the good stuff about moi (which I do not mind really, ahem), then move in for the kill by spilling about the dark side of me (I plead not guilty, Your Honor). And this particular crucial part of its modus operandi is what could potentially evoke me to re-do any online tests over and over and over and over and over--well you get my drift. Anyways, this must be some kind of a genius marketing strategy…or a crazy commercial plan.

Oh, here I am, talking and over-analyzing about this matter. I guess that goes to show that the quiz verdict might be right to a certain extent after all--I am troubled.

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24 October 2010 at 6:11 PM

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Am I Unique?

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‘You are a unique person,’ I heard someone told me some while back. As a response, I inwardly puffed my chest out and burst my buttons with pride (well, what can I say, it was a reflexive reaction--I just couldn’t help but to feel good, although on a normal day, getting compliments is an embarrassing and awkward moment for me).

But thinking about it again now, while I knew the person meant it well, I’m not entirely sure whether to consider that as a compliment or otherwise. Please don’t get me wrong. Unique is a special and amazing adjective. Especially when it’s directed at you. Because it demonstrates your individuality (thanks to your having great and not-so-great qualities that no one else in this world has) and thus, proves that you’re not a part of the monotonous-and-regular-like-a-clock bunch of Homo sapiens.

However, if truth be told, am I truly unique when everybody else is too?

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12 October 2010 at 8:38 PM

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