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Back when I had my first weblog in year 2008, I didn’t care about hoarding as many readers/followers as I could. Because to me, the whole blogging business was only about recording my life events that had happened over a period of time--not marketing them. Just like what one does when one has a personal diary. Soon after a few months of being a solo reader of my own blog though, I started to gain two or three avid blog readers which I thought was amazing, because it certainly had never crossed my mind that anyone would be interested in my daily (or rather, monthly) anecdotes. I guess since then, I began to get actively involved in the blogging sphere--replying comments, commenting on people’s posts, following other bloggers, and the lot. It was great and I enjoyed it immensely as most of us were a part of a close-knit blogger community.

Yes, at first it was all fun. Getting to know people, making new friends, and all that. However by nature, I’ve never been an extrovert. I’ve always loved being an anonymous mortal and a boring wallflower, believe you me. So, living in the limelight makes me feel uneasy and that’s one of the reasons why I stopped blogging and subsequently left my fourth blog (where I’d a fairly good number of readers). But then again, like the age-old adage says, to err is human but to keep changing one’s mind is even more so. So for that reason, I created Soliloki on and started to blog again. Besides, once a blogger will always be a blogger.

Initially though, I tried really hard to steer clear of revealing this new weblog of mine after leaving the old one back in October. I only publisized Soliloki to some of my closest schoolmates since I was still feeling limelight-shy (and still am). I suppose, I’m now ready to reveal Soliloki to the masses because I kind of miss the close rapport I used to have with other fellow bloggers.

And I hope that I’ll not ever regret make this known to the public, cause I have a feeling that I am going to feel sort of antsy about this (oh boy, this is so not bueno).

Written by SZA

20 November 2010 at 4:59 PM

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