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Une Enveloppe

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There’s a mom-and-pop grocery shop that I used to go to all the time back when I was in primary school. The school kids didn’t know what the name of the shop was so we simply called it Kedei Luar (which literally means ‘Outside Shop’ because it is outside of the primary school). Recently, I got to go there again after so many years, just to purchase an envelope since it was the only shop I could think of to go to at Green Road. Ah, what a reminiscent trip to the shop it was. Everything is pretty much the same like before, as well as the smell. Even Uncle (the shop owner) still owns the same royal blue Bermuda shorts and frayed singlet. Imagine that.

Me: LaoBan, you mei you mai envelope?
(Boss, do you sell envelopes?)

LaoBan: Ha? ‘Enwilop’? Shen me dong xi?
(Huh? ‘Enwilop’? What’s that?)

Me: Envelope. Sampul surat.

LaoBan: Oh, na ge ha? *points to a table laden with overripe/rotten mangoes and bananas*
(Oh, is one of those it?)

Me: Er…bu shi, wo jiang sampul surat. Sam-pul su-rat.
(Er…no, I said envelope. En-ve-lope.)

LaoBan: Oh. Tee hee.

And you, Uncle, are still the funny geezer I knew you were.

Written by SZA

24 March 2011 at 9:49 PM

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  1. oh u speak yet another language! so was that cantonese/mandarin/hokkien/orsomethingelseidon’tknow? i get what u mean on giving shops nama panggilan. my siblings and i used to call this shop “kedai balik sekolah” simply because kedai tu mmg on the way balik dari sekolah bila jalan kaki (n only bukak time kami balik sekolah pulak tu!) does that shop look smaller to you know? all things from childhood always look smaller now kan…


    25 March 2011 at 7:15 PM

    • Oh, ingatkan dah reply komen ni. Rupanya belum! Alahai, nyanyuk dah :P. Well, that was Mandarin. Bolehlah juga cakap sikit-sikit. Hehe.

      Kedai Balik Sekolah? That’s cute! Haha. Yes, you are so right, Kayla! Things from our childhoods sure do look much smaller now. Kadang-kadang rasa macam disoriented pula.


      10 April 2011 at 2:20 PM

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