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Keeping Mum

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Sometimes, we’re too free with words and feelings. Be it happiness or sadness, we’ve a natural urge to express it to, and share it with someone. Certainly, we need an outlet to let out what we feel and think, but sometimes, is it truly necessary? That’s the question that I asked myself when I wrote a short post about what’s been happening lately. I answered no, and I deleted the post. It was kind of shame to trash a good post, but at the same time, I didn’t want to portray myself as riyāʾ.

Some things are better left untold.

This post is written with no intention, but to remind myself. Just in case, I forgot.

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24 March 2012 at 6:47 PM

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My New Roommate

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I’m cohabitating.

Now, now. Before you start clicking your tongues in disapproval, do read further. There’s a HUGE GREEN GRASSHOPPER in my room. It’s been here for two days now, and I’ve no idea how to get it out. My options are but a few:

  1. Get a spray bottle, and squirt the insect with water;
  2. Build a homemade insect trap: an empty peanut butter jar;
  3. Find a flyswatter, and smack the insect real good.

While the above options seem doable, I don’t think I’ve the heart to do any of those and hurt the grasshopper. (Go figure, I’m the person who spends hours in the bathroom because I need to rescue a trail of poor little ants on the wet bathroom walls/floor.) Even now, I worry that it hasn’t eaten for two days. The poor insect must be really hungry, I suppose. I do feel a tad frustrated, though. I mean, flappy insects freak me out, big time. Once in awhile, I do get some ‘unwanted visitors’ (e.g. massive lizards, baby scorpions, hornets, etc.) in my room, since my bedroom’s at the back of the house, and there’s a big, crazy jungle behind our backyard. I get scared when I see those visitors, but not as much as when I see the flappy ones. I wish I could just close my windows permanently, but it can get really stuffy in room without good ventilation.

Now, where was I? Ah, yes, the grasshopper. Well, now it’s somewhere in my room (my guess is behind the wardrobe), and hopefully it won’t EVER pull a crazy stunt like, flying towards me in all its glory, or entering the nostrils to build a nest in the brain, God forbid. I just really hope, it won’t ever be within close proximity of any of my body parts. Because, God help me, I don’t know what I’ll do if it is.

Written by SZA

21 March 2012 at 10:18 PM

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March 17th

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[Photo: My first birthday in the Gregorian calendar.]

It’s that time of the year, again. Today, another year is added to my age. Making me a year older, and hopefully, year wiser. God willing.

I’m not big on birthdays; I don’t really celebrate them. But I’ve been getting quite a number of birthday wishes from coworkers and former/current classmates on Facebook, today. Ironically (hypocritically?), it kind of made my day. I’ve never been much of a Facebooker, but getting those birthday comments on Facebook today, I just had to reply their comments and thank them, individually. When someone makes an effort for you, you’ve to make the same effort for them.

There’s another year to go before the next birthday, but I can’t care less about that. All that matters is that, I’m still being given another chance by God to make better of myself.

P.S. Today, the best friend, Zelma, asked if I have found my soul mate, now that I’m of that age when I need to start thinking about matrimony. Ah, the ever-famous one-million-dollar question. (And that, folks, is another story to tell.)

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17 March 2012 at 11:57 PM

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Spilt Half-Full Glass Can Be Refilled

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 Spilt Half-Full Glass

[Photo: Author’s mind-blowing artistic depiction of reality. Cue the standing ovation. Thank you.]

The problem with extreme idealism (to the point of being way too naïve about human beings) is, you’ll get hurt if it ever backfires you. Your half-full glass is spilt, your rose-tinted glasses are broken, and rainbows and sunshine are chased away by stormy clouds. And you’ll never look at anyone the same way again.

However, that’s the thing about optimists, we they’re like a boomerang. They might be thrown to the far end of the universe, only to come back again to forgive, forget and be happy. The glass is refilled, those broken glasses are replaced by a new pair, and the day turns bright and sunny again. Sure, there are always risks of going through the dark times again--betrayal, lies, psychological pain, and what have you. However, for the ever-optimists, it sure beats the alternative: being a jaded soul.

And come to think of it, naïvete is not an absolute stupidity, it’s an absolute sincerity of the soul. And by God, with kind of world we are living in, we certainly need more good faith around us and to persevere in the face of negativity. ʾĀmīn.

Written by SZA

14 March 2012 at 10:10 PM

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Bad Poster Girl?

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Egad! I’d a mini heart attack after class last night. And got a wee bit taste of fame, for like, two seconds--didn’t like it one bit.

Campus Security Guard: Hey, I know you! Your photos are plastered all over the boys’ hostel, you know.  I’ve seen the photos.


Campus Security Guard: Photos on some promotional posters about the Uni.

Me: Oh.

And there I thought that I, unbeknownst to me, had pulled a Weiner at the campus. I swear, I almost aged a hundred years in that moment.

Ah, life as a small-time (albeit reluctant) celeb.

Written by SZA

9 March 2012 at 7:49 AM

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You Charmed Me

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‘Chivalry is never dead.’

So my friend and I was at the airport the other evening to pick up a friend of ours arriving from Kuala Lumpur. Since we arrived there quite early, I got to wander around in the airport for a bit and eventually, hung out in the lobby to while away the time. Nearby to where I sat, was an Afro-Caribbean family of five--a mother, a set of grandparents, and two kids. At first, smiles were exchanged. And soon enough, conversation started and I was roped into the big warm circle of their family. I’m telling you, these folks were so friendly that I just wanted to hug them and put them in my pocket! The kids, they were so polite and adorable, and the older folks were all smiles and happy. (I wondered if they ate sunshine and rainbows for breakfast.) When we parted ways, the youngest of the brood even opened the door for me, although it was too big and heavy for his small size. Instantly, my heart melted and I fell in love. That simple gesture truly warmed my heart.

Given how few folks seem to be investing in human decency, it was really amazing to see the new generation show good manners. Proves to show that while courtesy may be old-fashioned, it certainly never goes out of fashion.

Written by SZA

3 March 2012 at 1:05 PM