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‘Chivalry is never dead.’

So my friend and I was at the airport the other evening to pick up a friend of ours arriving from Kuala Lumpur. Since we arrived there quite early, I got to wander around in the airport for a bit and eventually, hung out in the lobby to while away the time. Nearby to where I sat, was an Afro-Caribbean family of five--a mother, a set of grandparents, and two kids. At first, smiles were exchanged. And soon enough, conversation started and I was roped into the big warm circle of their family. I’m telling you, these folks were so friendly that I just wanted to hug them and put them in my pocket! The kids, they were so polite and adorable, and the older folks were all smiles and happy. (I wondered if they ate sunshine and rainbows for breakfast.) When we parted ways, the youngest of the brood even opened the door for me, although it was too big and heavy for his small size. Instantly, my heart melted and I fell in love. That simple gesture truly warmed my heart.

Given how few folks seem to be investing in human decency, it was really amazing to see the new generation show good manners. Proves to show that while courtesy may be old-fashioned, it certainly never goes out of fashion.

Written by SZA

3 March 2012 at 1:05 PM

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