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March 17th

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[Photo: My first birthday in the Gregorian calendar.]

It’s that time of the year, again. Today, another year is added to my age. Making me a year older, and hopefully, year wiser. God willing.

I’m not big on birthdays; I don’t really celebrate them. But I’ve been getting quite a number of birthday wishes from coworkers and former/current classmates on Facebook, today. Ironically (hypocritically?), it kind of made my day. I’ve never been much of a Facebooker, but getting those birthday comments on Facebook today, I just had to reply their comments and thank them, individually. When someone makes an effort for you, you’ve to make the same effort for them.

There’s another year to go before the next birthday, but I can’t care less about that. All that matters is that, I’m still being given another chance by God to make better of myself.

P.S. Today, the best friend, Zelma, asked if I have found my soul mate, now that I’m of that age when I need to start thinking about matrimony. Ah, the ever-famous one-million-dollar question. (And that, folks, is another story to tell.)

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17 March 2012 at 11:57 PM

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