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Words Revisited

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So I’d said, not necessarily verbatim, this to someone some weeks back:

‘I want to lead a varied life. A life full of variety. But at the same time, I don’t want to be a jack-of-all-trades and master of none--I want to be good at something, too.’

After the talk, I didn’t quite archive those words in my mental file cabinet. I re-thought about what I’d said. I analyzed my thoughts thoroughly by breaking the words down and processing them mentally (if this doesn’t indicate that I’m a woman, I don’t know what else does). Then finally, I found out that I do want to be a Johnny Janey do-it-all, afterall. I do want to have a broader range of skills instead of a set of special skills. I do want to be a generalist (generalism, in my newly-amended opinion, is way understated). Ergo, jack-of-all-trades is what I shall be from now on.

Besides, don’t you think this adage holds true?

Jack of all trades, master of none; certainly better than a master of one.

Written by SZA

30 November 2011 at 1:11 PM

Une Enveloppe

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There’s a mom-and-pop grocery shop that I used to go to all the time back when I was in primary school. The school kids didn’t know what the name of the shop was so we simply called it Kedei Luar (which literally means ‘Outside Shop’ because it is outside of the primary school). Recently, I got to go there again after so many years, just to purchase an envelope since it was the only shop I could think of to go to at Green Road. Ah, what a reminiscent trip to the shop it was. Everything is pretty much the same like before, as well as the smell. Even Uncle (the shop owner) still owns the same royal blue Bermuda shorts and frayed singlet. Imagine that.

Me: LaoBan, you mei you mai envelope?
(Boss, do you sell envelopes?)

LaoBan: Ha? ‘Enwilop’? Shen me dong xi?
(Huh? ‘Enwilop’? What’s that?)

Me: Envelope. Sampul surat.

LaoBan: Oh, na ge ha? *points to a table laden with overripe/rotten mangoes and bananas*
(Oh, is one of those it?)

Me: Er…bu shi, wo jiang sampul surat. Sam-pul su-rat.
(Er…no, I said envelope. En-ve-lope.)

LaoBan: Oh. Tee hee.

And you, Uncle, are still the funny geezer I knew you were.

Written by SZA

24 March 2011 at 9:49 PM

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More Than I Can Chew

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For a while now, I’ve been toying with the idea of writing a screenplay. Just for fun. But I never really got around to doing it until recently, when I was browsing through the latest announcements posted on my student portal and saw a recruitment advertisement for a scriptwriter for the Uni’s musical production. I was definitely intrigued since this was the kind of boost I needed to get started on my new interest. On the other hand, I wasn’t sure if I should grab the opportunity. I mean, how could I manage to fit in an extra activity since there’s a lot on my plate right now. An eight-to-five work, weekly nighttime classes, and house chores that I need to attend to. Alright, so it doesn’t look like there’s a lot on my plate, but for someone who isn’t an expert in time management, well, it does seem to be a lot.

After a few days of thinking, I told Mother about it, thinking maybe she could give me her two cents on my predicament.

Me: You know, the Uni is going to hold another musical this year and now the Drama Club is looking for a writer. And I’m thinking of joining the production team. Only that I’m not sure if I could give my one-hundred percent effort and commitment to the club and work at the same time. But I really do want to try something new…blah blah…experiencing college life to the fullest…yadda yadda…I don’t know. So, what say you?

Mother: Why? Will you get paid for that?

Ah, typical Asian parents. Putting more emphasis on education and professional career above all else. As much as Mother being open to most things and generally an easy-going diplomatic person, sometimes she doesn’t seem to grasp the concept of doing things for the sake of just doing them without good solid purposes. Soon after that though, I decided to just grab the bull by the horns and join the production team. Mother seemed to be alright with that. Yay.

So two days after that, I met Hew, a Drama Club ExCo, to talk about the script and the play. I got even more excited about the whole thing after the meeting. And even more nervous, too. I mean, will my script be as good as the ones used in the previous plays? What if I get a writer’s block during script-writing, or worse, a worker’s block? Questions about what will happen are on loop and making me feel mighty worried (and somewhat regret with my compulsive decision to join an extra activity).

Hm. *thinking*

OK, you know what, let’s just sleep on it and cross the bridge when we get there, shall we?

Written by SZA

19 March 2011 at 1:41 AM

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Father: What’s LOL?

Me: Laugh out loud.

Father: Wha--? Really?

Me: Yes, sir.

Father: All the while, I thought that I’d been insulted by my friends when they sent me texts with LOLs in ’em.

Me: Really? Why?

Father: ‘Cause I thought LOL was an abbreviated word for tolol.

My folks and new gen jargon; never the twain shall meet.

*Tolol = Bonehead in Malay

Written by SZA

17 August 2010 at 9:15 PM