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The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch is one of the very few great talks I’ve ever seen to date and basically, it’s about achieving your childhood dreams. What an inspiring lecture, it is. Watching the talk often gets me thinking about myself in relation to Pausch’s achievement of his dreams--he’d dreams and I also have dreams, he’d achieved most of them, but have I achieved some of them, at least?

Be that as it may though, why should I care too much about finding my dreams and achieving them, when my dreams lean more towards getting the bounty of worldly joys? No, I don’t mean to say that it’s completely wrong to have a secular dream, but I believe that there should be an equilibrium between spiritual and non-spiritual aspirations. One should not be too extreme on either side. Moderation is the key. Ironically (hypocritically?) though, I’ve been too focused on achieving worldly rewards and neglecting to find what my deed is, and what I am going to leave this world as my source of benefit for others, because it is part of my responsibility as a Muslim. The deed need not be grand, just a simple one like doing random acts of kindness, will do.

It seems so sad that I’ve overlooked that part of fulfilling my true life purpose. Astaġfirullāh. But hey, better late than never.

Written by SZA

26 April 2011 at 10:41 PM

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bubbles and rainbows
effervescent, beyond reach--
colour me passive

Written by SZA

28 December 2010 at 7:23 AM

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A New Leaf

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Today marks the beginning of a new year in the Islamic calendar. Concurrently, the Gregorian calendar will turn a new cycle in less than a month. And this is when the citizens of the world will open up a new chapter. Well, some of us might be getting stuck on the current chapter even after the year ends or have a long way to go before making a move to the next fresh page. And as for the other group of folks, the case is otherwise. Undoubtedly and unfortunately, I’m of the former. Why? Because I’m a perfectionist and a postponer simultaneously. In other words, I care enough to do things right, but I am lazy enough to let the little things go. However, I think I have pulled that one off quite well seeing as I’ve all intentions of completing my daily tasks, but can never seem to get off my lazy fanny and do them.

And I suppose, being what I am is one of the reasons why when every time reality hits me hard in the head, I feel worried and amazed by how rapid time goes by and how the changes keep on changing real fast. There are scores of things to accomplish and yet too little time to do them. And one of those tasks is my year 2010 resolution (and of the years before). See, I’ve less than thirty days before this year ends and I still have not taken any action on this year’s pledge (let alone past years’). I can clearly see in my mind that my KIV-ed resolutions have been accumulating thick layers of dust and cobwebs (thus creating an antique look) during the past three-sixty odd days. Shame, oh shame.

On the other hand though, why should we signify the first day of each year as the day of our rebirths, when in actuality, a New Year’s day is just like any other day?

Written by SZA

7 December 2010 at 3:37 PM

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Just of late, I was roaming around the Net and I stumbled upon the above-mentioned word that, at one glance, looked like too big a word. And seemed to me, breaking it down to a simpler magnitude appeared to be almost impossible, for this term per se carried such a massive load of weight. I didn’t exactly stumble upon the word by chance though, as obviously this Wednesday will be the day of ʿĪd al-ʾAḍḥā festival and consequently I was merely googling about the occasion and its significance. After spending thirty minutes clicking a link after another in Google to learn more about this event and some other related articles, I came across the word sacrifice. With my cat’s-like curiosity, I spent another thirty minutes searching about this topic and managed to snag some definitions of the word from the Net. As in the Wikipedia definition of it. On the word of the online encyclopedia,

The term is used metaphorically to describe selfless good deeds for others or a short-term loss in return for a greater gain, such as in a game of chess.

Subsequent to reading the definition, one thought popped in my head out of the blue and got me thinking--does this mean donating money and deducting it from your tax a selfless act?

Written by SZA

15 November 2010 at 11:45 AM

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The Freudian Quiz

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I’ve just completed an online personality test a few minutes ago. The verdict: Troubled is what I am. That quiz surmised that yet-to-be-proven fact about myself after I completed one graphical question by selecting an image from a collection of colourful pictures that appealed to me the most. And just by executing that single simple step, I’d know the supposedly real story about my ‘true inner self’. How quaintly ironic. You cannot get anymore Freudian than that.

I’ve had my fair share of participation in this sort of online quizzes back in the time when I believed online-quizzes should have been a part of the Seven World Wonders (ha, go figure). Well, time has changed,and thankfully, so have I. So, at the present time, all these mass-produced generic whatchamacallits we see on the Net don’t hold any appeal to me any longer.

Somehow though, today the online test has successfully lured me into doing a Q & A session after many years of online quiz abstinence. Gotta give it to whomever-the-quiz-creator-is for the great-but-not-so Marketing approach *applause*. Generally, online quizzes get my full blast attention by first telling me about all the good stuff about moi (which I do not mind really, ahem), then move in for the kill by spilling about the dark side of me (I plead not guilty, Your Honor). And this particular crucial part of its modus operandi is what could potentially evoke me to re-do any online tests over and over and over and over and over--well you get my drift. Anyways, this must be some kind of a genius marketing strategy…or a crazy commercial plan.

Oh, here I am, talking and over-analyzing about this matter. I guess that goes to show that the quiz verdict might be right to a certain extent after all--I am troubled.

Written by SZA

24 October 2010 at 6:11 PM

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Am I Unique?

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‘You are a unique person,’ I heard someone told me some while back. As a response, I inwardly puffed my chest out and burst my buttons with pride (well, what can I say, it was a reflexive reaction--I just couldn’t help but to feel good, although on a normal day, getting compliments is an embarrassing and awkward moment for me).

But thinking about it again now, while I knew the person meant it well, I’m not entirely sure whether to consider that as a compliment or otherwise. Please don’t get me wrong. Unique is a special and amazing adjective. Especially when it’s directed at you. Because it demonstrates your individuality (thanks to your having great and not-so-great qualities that no one else in this world has) and thus, proves that you’re not a part of the monotonous-and-regular-like-a-clock bunch of Homo sapiens.

However, if truth be told, am I truly unique when everybody else is too?

Written by SZA

12 October 2010 at 8:38 PM

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