Prosaic soliloquies performed by a quixotic person


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This Long Afternoon

billowy white clouds
floating free—unlike their souls
this long afternoon

12th August, 2014


Hanging by a Thread

She is hanging
onto a thread of sanity,
before falling
into a sea of anxiety.

10th August, 2014



unbeknownst to us
are the mysteries of life
sūratu al-Kahf

7th April, 2014



seasons come and go
births rejoiced and deaths mourned
suspended in time

2nd April, 2014


Bubble Girl

seasons come and go,
births rejoiced and deaths mourned
suspended in time

12th July, 2013



three lines of haiku:
discovered by a poet’s hand
love is in the air

quill halts on parchment
golden words become silent
haiku, forgotten

the ice of stillness defrosts
silent words, no more

three lines of haiku:
once more found by the poet’s hand
flowers bloom anew

31st December, 2010


bubbles and rainbows:
effervescent, beyond reach—
colour me passive

28th December, 2010

Semakin Hampir, Semakin Jauh

tangan kiriku
nak mencapai sesuatu—
kanan menepis

6th November, 2009

‘Tis an Egress!

I am free! I am free!
I declare with full of glee
It’s the sense of liberation inside of me
Ah! Finally…finally…!

Freedom has cost me more than you know
For my being was full of pain and sorrow
Never in my life had I felt so low
And now sadness and hurting no more!

16th November, 2008

Breaking Out
(Inert spin-off)

In a state of despair and doubt
He is trying so hard to find a way out
Wishing everything would come to a halt
So he could fathom what this is all about

Along comes Reality, knocking on the door
But Dream will not let It enter her core
Seems like It would never let her go
Why is it so? Oh, why is it so?

There is nothing but stale questions
Being played repeatedly like an overused caption
He truly believes the answers are non-existent
What he doesn’t know, they are uttered in silence

“Cease these sufferings!” He prays on his knees
Little does he know that, this is The Finale
And he’ll embark on a new life, a new journey
At last…he will have his very own happy story

16th November, 2008

Basking in Silence

silence is golden
just like autumn’s fallen leaves
I feel peacefulness

12th September 2008


Reality knocks on his door
But Dream won’t let It in
Why is it so?
Oh, why is it so?

22nd July, 2008

Granny the Poet

Completely nothing is what on Gran’s A4 paper
Well looks like she hasn’t found any brilliant idea
to write a poem with lovely lines that rhyme together
She wants it to be like ‘Pray’ sung by MC Hammer

Deep in thought, she scratches her head till the skin peels off
while awaiting for her good ol’ muse named Sir Christophe
Gramps wants to help her but she retorts, ‘PunkinBUG OFF!’
Bet she wouldn’t say that if he were D. Hasselhoff

She doesn’t eat, rest, even turns down a Bingo game
so she can finish a poem that’ll bring her the fame
She wants to be famous and put Will Shakespeare to shame
but her paper’s still blank and Sir Christophe is to blame

Alas, her frail sixty year-old body can’t take it no more
So obsessed with poetry she didn’t smoke crack at four
She’s shaking so much she’ll probably drop on the floor
But she won’t cause her will is as strong and tough as Thor

30th March, 2008

In the Balance

I am here
waiting still
for the answers to the indefinite questions

But I am feeling restless
as the barrenness within is calling out
wanting to be liberated from the grasps
of qualms
of cloudiness

Yet surrendering to despair and anguish I am not
As time will not be there to comfort anyone
As time will never stop to wait for someone

I am here
hoping still
for the answers to the indefinite questions

and in spite of everything…
the sun arises

28th March, 2008

Written by SZA

29 May 2010 at 3:11 PM

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